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Mother's Day Handmade Gift Guide

You know I make all my own jewelry, right? Did you know that us artisans like to stick together? I mean I can't make everything and be great at it.

There are so many wonderful and beautiful things out there and this year satisfying Mother's Day obligations may be a bit more difficult than the usual brunch. So I thought today I would spend some time showing you some great finds from other sellers as you are thinking about what to get Mom for Mother's Day.

From the top left: [1] Boho Dry Erase Perpetual Calendar, [2] Cactus Flower Blank Cards, [3] Essential Oils Travel Bag, [4] Lavender Necklace, [5] Floral Book Mark, [6] Hardy Hawthrone Original Watercolor, [7] Three Handmade Candles, [8] Cactus Spine Ring in Bronze, [9] Bring on the Cozy Stamped Spoon


I hope that you love this little collection of handmade goodness for your Mom!

Little secret -- the lavender pendant (really the whole collection) is on sale in my shop through Mother's Day.  Discount added automatically at checkout. 

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